I’m a different kind of marketer. You won’t be reading any Top 10 tips to optimize your display ads, or How to write an email subject that gets clicks! on this blog. I definitely won’t be creating any infograhpics or asking you to like me.  I don’t think those things are bad, I just don’t think they’re enough to create something truly different, or exciting, which is what I think marketing is all about.

I will, on the other hand, be writing about my experience as a chef-turned-graduate-student-turned-banker-turned-startup-marketer-turned-big-company-web-guy-turned-startup-marketer again.  I’ll be talking about the things that I think small teams of passionate people can do to create unforgettable experiences for users and customers, and how to have a good time doing it (and probably make a lot of money too if that’s your thing).

I try to practice what I preach as Head of Marketing at Mailgun, a Y Combinator startup that was purchased by Rackspace, the technology company I’ve been working at over 4 years.  If you want to get in contact with me, drop me a line here on my website.  Just remember, though I read every email, I can only respond to a few.  Just kidding, I’ll be kind of surprised if anyone writes so your chances of getting a personal response are very high!