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500 Startups’ Warmgun conference recap: we’re all designers

For the last three years, a highlight of my year has been a design conference called Warmgun organized by 500Startups. It’s always held in the stylish Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco’s Japantown, a venue that I’d be surprised can house next year’s conference since it was absolutely packed.  Unlike most conferences which focus on tactical how-to’s, […]

Don’t build that feature.

Product-market fit. Most of the time, we think about it in terms of what to build. But sometimes, what you don’t build is just as important. Saying no is an under-appreciated act. Awards aren’t given for what wasn’t created, but anything great is as much about what is left out, as about what gets in. So today’s post is an ode to not building it. And it goes out to all those who said no.

Pray for killer competition

Great competitors get a lot of things right: they find product-market fit; they nail branding; they crush it on distribution; they prove that people WILL pay more for x . When you can answer the question “who are my truly great competitors and who is everyone else”, you can start to focus on the things that really matter, and leave the rest to the imitators.

My proudest moment as a marketer (hint- it’s not when I sold something)

Content marketing has replaced social media as the season’s most overused marketing buzzword. But at its origin, content marketing wasn’t just an excuse for marketers to put their recycled PowerPoint presentations on Slideshare in the name of engagement, it was a genuine pursuit to provide people with information, and more often, entertainment, they wanted. And when it works, it can feel really good.